Networking: Mentality is Everything!

First off, when networking, mentality is everything. Networking needs to be approached from a giving standpoint and not just a take, take, take mentality. This is known as “Givers Gain.” What is “Givers Gain” and why is it important?  Givers gain is when business is given to a potential client in hopes that the client will reciprocate in turn–either, by giving business directly, or by referral.  Giving allows me to quickly get to know that business owner and how they do business, not to mention what makes them successful. Let’s look at an example. Not too long ago, I attended a BNI Networking meeting in Indianapolis. There, I met a chiropractor. We talked a bit about digital networking and about her small business. I discovered in our conversation that she could really use my marketing expertise. Approaching this with a “givers gain’ mentality, I asked, “can I legitimately use her services,” and in the process gain a potential client? The answer was “yes.”  I needed a chiropractor. From this meeting, she contacted me about three days later. Fortunately, now we are looking forward to working together in the spring. It’s a win-win. This “givers gain” mentality can provide you with insights about the company and services offered, which will make you serve their needs better. You don’t have to read about their services; you’ve experienced them.

Effective: Powerful Influencers

Stop for a second, breath,  now think about, who you know that influences your business in a positive way? This answer is the most import piece of the puzzle when it comes to effective networking. Time to tell others how, or why this person is so instrumental in your business success. Telling the success story goes to show just how easy it is to make impactful business relationships, not only for your business but also for other potential businesses. Giver’s Gain has now displayed your passion for helping your clients, even if it’s helping another business. This type of mentality builds business and personal credibility, which in return will provide other people with the comfortability to refer their clients to your business as well. Listen to your influencers “30-second commercial” whenever possible. Do you notice slight changes in their speech as it varies person to person? The importance of preparing  your introduction speech or your own”30-second commercial.” You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so do not miss out on earning the chance of a referral partner.

Why are influencers so important? The biggest impact on any business is to be consistently surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs. By being around those people, who constantly challenge me to do better on a day to day basis. Makes a lack of motivation non-existant, pushing me to get better day in and day out.

Ready Set… Go!

Here is a quick list of networking groups, that I have had good experiences with in the past.


  1. BNI Networking
  3. Chamber of Commerce
  4. Networking After Work
  5. Rainmakers

What’s Next

Visit a few different events and experiment, rub elbows with fellow business owners and begin to get to know their passions. But wait there’s more! Going just once or twice isn’t going to cut it, its all about repetition and consistency. By being there more often than not, by going to several events with the same group of people. After all, that’s how people remember you and your business by name, they start to know your service offerings. They need to know you more than just on the surface level and that doesn’t happen until people have met you several times. Example, the first time meeting with Bob at the Chamber of Commerce, the topic of conversation was surrounding websites and digital marketing/paid advertising. Fast forward 30 minutes, he had no idea that we offer graphics and we that we design custom trade show exhibits. Making a mental note of that, two weeks later at the next Chamber of Commerce event I made it a point to chat with him about our Custom Trade Show Exhibit and Design process.

Consistency: The Key to Success

Yeah, we have all heard it before, the age-old saying that consistency is key. Being present and consistently coming to events with the same people is a bigger deal than you realize! Now, everybody knows your name and your business!